Hoon, Soohyun & Kiseop’s First Impressions on Jun (From KpopStarz Exclusive Interview Part 2)

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Hoon: When I first saw Jun, I thought he is a quiet person but he is really noisy now and very much like a maknae. He’s cute.

Soohyun: I was a little scared of him the first time I met him. He’s tall and because it was the first time [we met], he was nervous so he didn’t smile one bit. But after spending some time together, [I thought] he is very cute, polite, passionate when we’re practicing, and he works extremely hard. I think those are Jun’s good points.

Kiseop: For me, Jun can eat anything really well, so I think that’s his good point.


Daddy Kevin was away for so long that Shim (the touchscreen) was throwing a tantrum 

One of Soohyun’s favorite things in Kobe.

[Fan account] 140831 UKISS Japan Live Tour Okinawa noon session


The last day of Japan tour 2014. I’m finally seeing them again after one and a half month, and I’m really happy and grateful that I could live this splendid day with UKISS and KISSmes. More tears than the first concerts, but there were more smiles and joys as well. Being in front rows was totally an incredible experience. 

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Excuse me, I'll be crying in the corner ;;


Excuse me, I'll be crying in the corner ;;