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140608 Gimpo Fansign
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140615 Yeouido Fansign
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Maybe I shouldn’t post these but I can’t help contain my excitement… OTL.

Paran The Pace (파란 더 페이스)

(cr. [upload]: MarbleTeethMusic Channel 4 @ YT)

Please support Paran and actually purchase the album when it becomes available. (I think it’s probably available as a digital single right now but maybe not for international fans, not too sure about this though…)

Excuse me while I shed some ugly tears. lol. /sob

seopberry asked: "black and red!"

Already answered black~~~

Red: 5 Facts about my best friend(s):

1. One of my best friend ran away to San Diego.
2. One of my best friends isn’t even in the U.S.
3. One of my best friends is married to a bear. (=v=)
4. One of my best friends has the most brilliant mind I’ve ever seen~
5. One of my best friends is sickly as fuckkkkkkkk OTL OTL Poor darling D:

sneakypigeon asked: "pink, grey, and black ~"

Pink: 4 facts about my parents.

1. My mom is 2 years older than my dad.
2. My mom looks younger than my dad.
3. My dad doesn’t eat beef or chicken. Only Fish and Seafood.
4. My dad doesn’t have any family at all in the U.S.

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things.

Don’t really know if this means literal objects when saying things or if it’s just favorites so I’m gonna say they’re literal objects…
1. My U-KISS Collection sits in a very, very high place.

2. I hardly wear my favorite clothes rofl OTL

Black: One fact about the person I like.

1. He’s a power vocalist. ;)


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Share 5 random facts about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favourite/new followers!

1. I’m perpetually stuck in Neverland. As in, I’ve got a major case of Peter Pan Syndrome lol I find adulthood the way humanity portrays it to be boring and completely useless, which is ironic with my mind set and ideals and philosophical state set of being at such a high level, but I refuse to ever become a “true adult.”

2. I am obsessed with Astronomy and the cosmos. A night full of stars in a non romantic view is the best for me, so I actively look for celestial happenings (meteor showers, eclipses, planet alignments, constellations, all that stuff) and always tell everyone but I feel so terribly alone since no one seems to care whe I spazz about it xD

3. I have contiously throughout life tried to be neat and organized like alot of people, but it’s all proved to be useless. I love the idea of setting alarms to wake up every morning, of writing down appointments and records, of having a journal to point out thoughts or reminders, etc, but they’ve all proved to be useless since I can wake up on my own instinctively without an alarm, I can remember useless things and facts and appointments without writing them down and while some people think it’s very beneficial, it makes me so very sad rofl…

4. I enjoy colorful things, especially things that are pink, but I do not wear color at all if I don’t have to. I only wear black pretty much 99.8% of the time. I mean, I wear black clothes with color in them, like prints and design but signature they’re mostly black as a base. It’s not like a fad sort of thing or a goth/punk thing, I just like wearing black.

5. I love the ocean but I can’t swim for shit ROFL….. I tag no one cuz I’m lazy. Though I might just tag seopberry because I’m always interested on the things she has to say.